I don’t know how many of you have heard quiet lately.  Not silence, but the quiet of the country.  It’s more than just turning off the TV or radio and leaving the keyboard alone.  when I take the dogs out for the last time in the evenings, it’s really quiet.  There may be a breeze int he air and a car may drive down a distant road, but other than that it’s quiet, peaceful. 

   DH has built a small bench and put it under the big pine tree behind the house.  sometimes I sit there and just listen to the quiet.  It’s wonderful.  (Especially when there hasn’t been any rain or dew to wet my BE-hind! ha ha…)  But seriously, it’s one of the best things about being out here. 


   And the oddest thing is that when DH is away as he was last week (and will be again next), I don’t feel uncomfortable.  initially when we moved here I felt a bit vulnerable.  Heck I was in a gated community with neighbors 20 feet away!  Or was that 30?  Anyway, I figure that the odds of someone trying anything here is much lower than in the housing development a mile away.  So I’m feeling much better about it. 

   But this post is about the quiet.  I think even the dogs like it when there is less noise.  Oh, the smells are still here.  My guess is that there are more and better ones than in “the compound”.   That was the nickname given to that community by a few of us.  It sort of fits; but for another post perhaps. 

   Even today it’s somewhat quiet.  It’s Saturday morning about 1100 (oh, my military background is showing)  11:00 for the civilian crowd.  It rained a bit yesterday and the ground is quite wet.  I don’t here any tractors and if RFD TV wasn’t on in the living room it would be nicely quiet.  Maybe I’ll just go and turn it off!  I like the quiet of the country. . .