I have to tell you how relaxing I find it here.  It will require a story. . . no eye rolling from those who know me.  Okay I’ll try to be short.  My stories do have a tendency to go on. . .

   We have a boat.  Not just any ordinary kind of boat.  She’s a trawler.  When we bought her we brought her up to the Carolinas by water.  The trip took 10 days and was over 1,000 miles.  It was much less expensive than hiring a tractor trailer to haul her.  She wasn’t and isn’t new by any means.  She was originally built in 1980 but has had a number of upgrades.   We keep her docked at a marina on the coast about 130 miles from us. 


   So how relaxing is it to go to the boat?  Well, we both work for the government.  DH travels and has since we married.  We’ve taken trips in her all around the Carolinas for the past 10 years.   When I get aboard this boat, the rest of the world disappears.  It’s almost a magic relaxing place for me.  Not that it’s not work.  I cook, clean and navigate aboard.   And I help wash her down every time we take her out.  (The Captain says we have too!)  It got to be that I HAD to go down to the coast.   I needed to let the world float away on the water. 

    Well, I’m finding that being out here in the country is as relaxing as that boat.  When I sit out under my tree and feel the breeze on my face, the rest of the world disappears.  There are no political worries, no anger, no traffic problems.  It’s amazing!   

    If we ever can find the time to get to the coast, I wonder if it will be as relaxing as it is here.