November 2008

  This is my favorite time of year.  Cooler temperatures, low humidity, no mosquitoes ! ! ! And of course, I love the holidays.  Thanksgiving is one of the best.  The smells of various spices wafting throughout the house bring back memories of lots of family gatherings. 


     We would all drive to Pennsylvania, weather permitting, to visit my Aunts Bunny and Marie.  They were Mom’s sisters.  Since there were 5 children in my family all 7 of us would descend upon their normally quiet world.  There were 6 of us in a Rambler American.  In the back seat one of four had to take turns leaning forward so the rest could sit comfortably on the bench seat.  Since my youngest sister would sit with Mom and Dad, I was the lowest on the totem and generally I was the “hump girl”  hmmmm. . . doesn’t sound like a PG rated show. 

    Okay, so the travel itself wasn’t always pleasant.  (please don’t ask if anyone ever got car sick… thast is for another blog).  But the visits always were.  It was fun to see my Aunts and share with them what was going on in school or other activities we were involved with.  Uncle Art and his wife also lived very close by and we always saw them at Thanksgiving too. 

    My Aunts were terrific cooks.  There was not only the traditional turkey, but they always made the stuffing from scratch.  There was salad, veggies, cranberry sauce,  scratch made mashed potatoes and home-made bread.  And then there were desserts!  Oh, my Aunties could make some wonderful cookies, cakes, pies and candies.    And soda!  We weren’t allowed to have soda at home.  It was expensive and too sugary…  But when we visited Aunties we had some. 

    They were wonderful times which made great memories.  And for this I will always we thankful.  I hope your Thanksgiving this year is filled with good friends, family good food and many blessings.


    The other day we left the house at 6 am with the boat dingy in tow, drove to two storage areas for a few special items.  We drove back to the house  because one of the important special items was in the shed instead of the storage area (because we are so organized!).  After the three hour trip to the coast we arrived at the marina for a last short “cruise” on our boat.

    It was a quick run to the “corner store” about three miles from our dock to re-fuel and go through all her bells and whistles with the new owners.  It was fun to share the little idiosyncrasies with someone else who will now share the water with her.  The trip was only about an hour and a half.  It was sunny, cool and breezy.  She ran smoothly, soundly and was on her best behavior.  I was almost jealous of the new couple. 

    I’ve loved this old girl.  She’s a 1980 Mainship trawler.  She runs well and has given us many terrific memories for the past 7 years.  We’ve traveled between 2000-3000 miles aboard her, held several socials rafted up to other boats, watched fireworks from her and showed the dogs that they can swim in their life jackets from her platform.  DH and I have seen areas of the state we wouldn’t have seen.  Our trip from Florida to the Carolinas included the shores of Georgia and Hilton Head Island. 

   I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to enjoy a glimpse of life on the water.  It was one of those things which I had never dreamed of doing.  But it brought real joy into  my life.  I’ve read that the water is a source of healing.  But aboard that boat I felt more relaxation than any other place I’ve ever been.  And I felt that peace every time I stepped aboard her. 

   Ah, but let us step back into reality.  DH and I now live on a 10 acre small farm a 3 hour drive one way from the coast.  We haven’t had time to enjoy a drive like that much less take a trip aboard her.  So the best thing for us to do is to let someone else enjoy her.  It’s a sad day.  But cleansing; like cleaning out ones closet.  You hate to do it, but feel great once it’s done. 

   Farewell Lady Ooch. . . Fair Winds and Following Seas . . . I’ll miss you. . .

  Blogging is more difficult than I thought it would be.  How does one work full time, start a farm, start (and keep) a workout routine, take care of her man and the dogs and blog?  Ahhhh, time management. . . yes I have taken those courses.  They say you should keep a schedule, make a list, do a little at a time and you can do a little of everything.

  So does that mean one does a little bit of dinner, a little bit of housework, a little bit of blogging and a little bit of an exercise routine?   Oh, and how does one do a little bit of starting a business?  Ahhhh…..I think I need to have a “business” meeting with DH.  Perhaps I can demonstrate the need to have help doing these things.  OMG I forgot the laundry has piled up. . . shen do I get time to do that?  Don’t you love time managment problems? 

   Any suggestions are appreciated!

When you are getting things done. Since I have posted last there have been several new happenings on Smiling J Farm. Besides the usual laundry, cleaing and meal preparation that is. . . And of course working suring the day. Boy when do we have time to farm?
Well, we better find some time soon! Well, let me “back up 77-steps”. (I had a teacher once who said that at least once a day; it drove us nuts!) Over the weekend I had two “sings” that good things were onthe horizon for us. Okay, I’m not sure I beleive it signs, so it must have been a meteor shower or something.
Saturday the dogs got me up at the almost usual time of 0430 (that’s 4:30 AM for civilians). So I took them out to take care of business. I was sort of tired and just sat down onthe bench that is described in an earlier post. From that vantage point I could see the Big Dipper as bright as anything. but not much else for the tree branches. As I was staring up a meteor shot down from the left of it. It was big enough I didn’t have to ask myself if I really saw it.
Later that day we came to terms with someone through a broker to sell the boat! A bitter sweet hurrah was all I could muster. however it was a really good thing since the next day we had another good thing. . .
Sunday the boys (Auggie and Thomas) got me up again. Of course this time they didn’t know it was only 0315 instead of after 4. One of these days I need to teach them to read the clock . . . Anyway, out we went and to the bench I went. There it was Big Dip was right where he was supposed to be. But again I saw another shooting star! Okay those star gazers are going to tell me about some meteor shower that was in that area. (It’s okay you can correct me, Big Sister. I don’t mind!) Anyway, that was another sign. . . Or was it?
During the day (Sunday) we got an e-mail from the lady we are buying the 4 heifers from. She and her husband are selling their farm and business and are moving to TN. As is practical they would like the same buyer for both. But it turns out the original buyer can only take the farm. We have first “dibs” on the gradd-fed beef business.
Is that something? Two faling stars and two good things in the same weekend. Something like that has never happened to me before. Could it be that it’s because I can see more stars from this ridge? Or could it be that we have now found our “calling” a bit later than others? I don’t know. But I still like that bench!