Blogging is more difficult than I thought it would be.  How does one work full time, start a farm, start (and keep) a workout routine, take care of her man and the dogs and blog?  Ahhhh, time management. . . yes I have taken those courses.  They say you should keep a schedule, make a list, do a little at a time and you can do a little of everything.

  So does that mean one does a little bit of dinner, a little bit of housework, a little bit of blogging and a little bit of an exercise routine?   Oh, and how does one do a little bit of starting a business?  Ahhhh…..I think I need to have a “business” meeting with DH.  Perhaps I can demonstrate the need to have help doing these things.  OMG I forgot the laundry has piled up. . . shen do I get time to do that?  Don’t you love time managment problems? 

   Any suggestions are appreciated!