The other day we left the house at 6 am with the boat dingy in tow, drove to two storage areas for a few special items.  We drove back to the house  because one of the important special items was in the shed instead of the storage area (because we are so organized!).  After the three hour trip to the coast we arrived at the marina for a last short “cruise” on our boat.

    It was a quick run to the “corner store” about three miles from our dock to re-fuel and go through all her bells and whistles with the new owners.  It was fun to share the little idiosyncrasies with someone else who will now share the water with her.  The trip was only about an hour and a half.  It was sunny, cool and breezy.  She ran smoothly, soundly and was on her best behavior.  I was almost jealous of the new couple. 

    I’ve loved this old girl.  She’s a 1980 Mainship trawler.  She runs well and has given us many terrific memories for the past 7 years.  We’ve traveled between 2000-3000 miles aboard her, held several socials rafted up to other boats, watched fireworks from her and showed the dogs that they can swim in their life jackets from her platform.  DH and I have seen areas of the state we wouldn’t have seen.  Our trip from Florida to the Carolinas included the shores of Georgia and Hilton Head Island. 

   I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to enjoy a glimpse of life on the water.  It was one of those things which I had never dreamed of doing.  But it brought real joy into  my life.  I’ve read that the water is a source of healing.  But aboard that boat I felt more relaxation than any other place I’ve ever been.  And I felt that peace every time I stepped aboard her. 

   Ah, but let us step back into reality.  DH and I now live on a 10 acre small farm a 3 hour drive one way from the coast.  We haven’t had time to enjoy a drive like that much less take a trip aboard her.  So the best thing for us to do is to let someone else enjoy her.  It’s a sad day.  But cleansing; like cleaning out ones closet.  You hate to do it, but feel great once it’s done. 

   Farewell Lady Ooch. . . Fair Winds and Following Seas . . . I’ll miss you. . .