This is my favorite time of year.  Cooler temperatures, low humidity, no mosquitoes ! ! ! And of course, I love the holidays.  Thanksgiving is one of the best.  The smells of various spices wafting throughout the house bring back memories of lots of family gatherings. 


     We would all drive to Pennsylvania, weather permitting, to visit my Aunts Bunny and Marie.  They were Mom’s sisters.  Since there were 5 children in my family all 7 of us would descend upon their normally quiet world.  There were 6 of us in a Rambler American.  In the back seat one of four had to take turns leaning forward so the rest could sit comfortably on the bench seat.  Since my youngest sister would sit with Mom and Dad, I was the lowest on the totem and generally I was the “hump girl”  hmmmm. . . doesn’t sound like a PG rated show. 

    Okay, so the travel itself wasn’t always pleasant.  (please don’t ask if anyone ever got car sick… thast is for another blog).  But the visits always were.  It was fun to see my Aunts and share with them what was going on in school or other activities we were involved with.  Uncle Art and his wife also lived very close by and we always saw them at Thanksgiving too. 

    My Aunts were terrific cooks.  There was not only the traditional turkey, but they always made the stuffing from scratch.  There was salad, veggies, cranberry sauce,  scratch made mashed potatoes and home-made bread.  And then there were desserts!  Oh, my Aunties could make some wonderful cookies, cakes, pies and candies.    And soda!  We weren’t allowed to have soda at home.  It was expensive and too sugary…  But when we visited Aunties we had some. 

    They were wonderful times which made great memories.  And for this I will always we thankful.  I hope your Thanksgiving this year is filled with good friends, family good food and many blessings.