I was seeing Nellie home
   I was seeing Nellie home
   And ’twas from aunt Dinah’s quilting party
   I was seeing Nellie home

    We heard the refrain from this song hundreds of times while we were growing up.  Mom liked the old time songs and knew a little about several of them.  So we heard experts from church hymns, Irish tunes, quartet numbers and her local “jingles” I suppose you can call them.   Well activities today on our small farm have me thinking about this tune.  We’re having a party! 


     Above you will see a couple of pictures of the “backyard” which we call the back pasture.   You know I never stopped to think. . . .  how big does a place have to be before you stop calling it a yard and call it a pasture?  Maybe it’s the intended purpose which makes the name. . .  Anyway they sort of show how it looks this morning. 


   So what kind of party are we having?  Thomas wants to join it.  He’s inspector of the wood!  Don’t lift that leg there!!!!!!

    Well, it’s no quilting party, baby!  oh, no.  There are several husky (hunky??) men digging dirt and hammering away at that lumber.   And I’m cooking away.  Don’t want to get in the way of all that testosterone!


  Even the dogs have some of that!  They used to have more. . . but we won’t get into that now. . .  Yup, we’re getting ready for the “gals” and the steers to show up and live on our place.  It’s a beautiful day and we hope that this is a great fencing day. 


   Do you think chicken and rice, salad (courtesy of our neighbor Mona), iced tea, coffee, and brownies will keep these guys happy?  I sure hope so.  They have worked hard to get this side done.    It looks great so far, what do you think?   

     Thanks guys!!!  Now who will see you home?