I don’t know if you have ever danced the Electric Slide. . . My memories are from the Officers Club on a Maryland military installation. Most of the dancers were sporting dress blues or greens. But we sure had fun! Those were the days!
Anyway, the most current project (pun intended!) that is electrifying our front pasture. It is not one I would like to participate in thank you. I watched my sister (she knows who she is!) match two colored wires together one time  just to see “what would happen”.  The next thing I know there is no power in the house and Dad was really mad! Today we can laugh at it, but I’m still not comfy around “hot” wires.
Anyway, it’s good to have great neighbors. Mr Bob came over Sunday after noon and Monday afternoon to help DH finish the job he had stared on Friday. They have the top wire hot on the electric fence. DH would like to have the bottom wire finished this weekend. That should keep the dogs out of the pasture (we hope).
On Monday morning, DH drove up to get our latest friends. On Q and Mr Popularity are Dexter Steers. They look a little lonely out in the 3 + acre field by themselves. but by Saturday they will have company. DH and I will go and round up the other 5 over in Southern Pines and bring them to our place. They have been visiting a friend until the electric fence was done.