The “girls” or “ladies” as I’ve begun to call them are adjusting well as far as I can see.   Since I don’t know the nature of cattle I can only assume that they are adjusting. img_0817

 When HD goes out to feed in the morning they run towards the gate to “greet” him.  The largest are not shy about making sure they get to the trough first!  My guess is that it’s Angie, Gretchen and “hamburger” Jack.  Okay that isn’t his real name.  Jack is one of our steers who will share the table with potatoes, salad and dessert some day.  So it’s helps me to give them nick names above their given one.   Jack is “hamburger Jack”, Mr Popularity is “Pop roast”, and On Q is “cubed steak”.  It reminds me of their fate; to be here for a short period of time.  We won’t go into that right now.

Alright back to the original topic:  once DH gets to the trough, he pours some feed into the trough and adds hay to the top feeder.  Angie will attempt to bully her way to the front of the line and push the rest out of the way.  They will eat the feed that is added to the trough and then the hay.  Once they are “done” they make their way around the field. 


 So around and around the pasture they roam nibbling as they go.  Occassionally a few will chase each other or they will hear the Gator and assume that there is more feed to be had. 

   These pictures are all taken from the front porch.  Okay it’s more like a stoop, but this is the country so we don’t call them stoops and three steps high is much more than a stoop!  My point is that this is the view when I sit out front on the steps.  Isn’t that neat? 

This is such a different life for this old city girl.  The views I grew up with were other homes and streets; one was a state highway.  Even in condos I saw either parking lots or small back yards.   But a “front  yard” that is seveal acres and a back with as much or more is so cool.  At night when I stand in the front yard, the stars are amazing.  But that is for another blog. . .

    I love having the ladies out front.  I’ll miss seeing them out front when we finish the back pasture fence and rotate them amoung the pastures.   I like this new view. 

   Have some patience with me and I’ll get individual pictures and tell you more about each.  Thanks for reading!   

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