The next phase of our farm set up is the back pasture fence.  I believe the pasture 470 feet by 400 which will require about 2000 feet of fence.  That will include a 72 x 72 square pen with a pen (needing serious renovation!) which we plan to use as a birthing shed.  So I got up front and personal with the process of setting 8 foot posts in concrete this past Friday.  Dearest Husband and I worked very well together; having specific duties for each of us helped immensely! We didn’t get in each others way and set over 50 posts.    The hay bales belong to the farmer behind us. 


The debris is from the previous fencing.  Cutting the wire fence and pulling old posts out with the tractor was another interesting project.  Too bad I didn’t get pictures of that phase.  It was not as easy as I thought it would be!    

 While we were setting posts, I was the water girl and the “tamper”.  On occasion I would assist DH in lugging the concrete bags.  They were 80 pounds each. 

The more difficult part began when I started to assist in the placement of the three rails for the fence the next day.  In spite of what DH thought, it was more physically demanding for me.  The boards he had were 16 feet long and we had to man-handle them over to where they were to be added to the posts.   

I found the maneuvering of the boards difficult and often walked the wrong way or didn’t put the board in the “right” place. My “helping” just wasn’t working out.  So I decided to take a few pictures.   


Above is the Gator with the air compressor and generator to support the nail gun.  DH likes to work with lots of toys.  They really do make tasks this size much easier, but teasing him about them is part of my job. . .   And of course I made and brought lunch for my man.  He was working so hard. 


        Here is the shed in what is going to be the birthing and weaning pen.   Okay it’s pretty shabby, poor thing.  Perhaps pathetic. . . Once we get the aluminum pulled off and replace it with wood it will look much better.  I’ll update the photos then. 


     I know this picture is a bit hard to see, but the pen is now finished and the fence is half way completed.  My man has worked hard so today it was steak and mashed potatoes for dinner.  I’m proud of him!