Our farm life now consists of seven cattle.  Our largest is Angie who is a Dexter/Lowline cross.  She’ll always be larger than the others until we get another Lowline.  Observing Angie, I now have some idea where the term “bullying” comes from.  When it’s feeding time, she makes sure she’d the first one the reach the trough.  If she wants to move down the trough she just does it and they let her!   


When it’s feeding time, she will call you and let you know she is waiting.  She’s not very shy about looking for treats either.  I just wish the rest of them would trust us like she does.  Or is “trust” the word? 


Gretchen is the next in the “pecking order”.  Here she is decorated with hay from the overhead feeder.  When the ladies feed from the trough some of the hay gets all over their heads.  It’s quite amusing.  That Gretchen, she’s such a clown. 


  We also have two still very shy girls in Brown Sugar and Martina.  They are very best of friends and can be found close to each other in the field most of hte time.  Sugar is a wonderful shade of chocolate; not too dark but not creamy milk either.  She has a patch of white on her under belly too.   DH would love to show her.  Her friend Martina is a very cute girl.  She is a bit smaller (about 40 pounds) than her friend Sugar even though they were born the same day.  Hopefully she’ll grow out some soon or I may have to worry about her a bit. 

Jack was our first steer.  He feels that he is Angies “man” because he has been with the girls since the start.   He’s our #1 just like the number on his ear tag!  He is not at all shy and will take a treat from your hand just as Angie and Gretchen will.  I’m not sure he like the molasses taste, so I’ll have to find another one for him. 



  Then we have On-Q and Mr Popularity (his sister was Ms Congeniality).    They came to the Smiling J before the others, so they are not as much a part of the herd as Jack.   Q is less timid than Pop.  when we brought the others to the pasture it was interesting to see Q and Angie “have it out” to see who was the head of the herd.  It was only a bunch of head shoving, but interesting at that.  She won. (Because of her size I imagine.) 

Anyway that is our herd.  I was concerned abotu them when it was 7 degrees on Saturday morning.  But they seem to have done alright.  Hopefully the rest of the winter won’t be as bad as it has been predicted.