It’s been cold here lately. But, since I grew up in the Northern area of the country until it snows it doesn’t feel like winter to me. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little. When the temperature read 7 the other morning I knew it was winter.

But the forecast for this evening and tonight is for 2-4 inches. We learned this while DH and I were setting another 50 fence posts. Neighbor Bob came by and gave us hte news. I do believe it was more to tell DH that if it is too bad, they will call the “guys” at work and tell them not to come in. Neighbor Bob and DH are the bosses. It must be good to be King!

I am on leave tomorrow anyway since I worked on Friday which was annual leave. So I had intended to get some things done without DH being here. Now, not only will he most likely, be here he wont’ be able to work outside. Oh heck!  Maybe I can get work done in the den. . . I hope!

Happy Snow Day in the Carolinas. . .