We awoke to a blanket of snow this morning. And when we looked out on the pasture the ladies were covered with it. They had apparently stayed out of the shelter again last night and had literally blankets of snow on their backs.


DH believes that the hut rattles noisily in the wind and scares the girls so they often stay out in the open on windy nights.   We need to do something about that. 

Anyway it is an oatmeal kind of morning.  Steel cut cooked with raisins.  And hot tea.  My mother would be proud and perhaps surprised at my eating oatmeal! 

It is supposed to snow most of the morning today; quite unusual for us in these parts.  I should go out and spread some seeds for the birds that are still around.  While we were putting up fence posts yesterday there were at least 100 or more Robins in our back pasture.  I don’t know what they were eating, but I hope it wasn’t grass seed!  We are trying to grow rye back there!