This past week we began and completed the third side of our back pasture fence.  Just the two of us!   I am just amazed at how a couple of amateurs can do things like this as well as we can.  Hey I’m a city girl!  Or I WAS . . . img_0891

On Monday, the 19th, DH and I got a late start but finally managed to get out at about 1030.  Our goal was to “plant” and set 50 posts into the holes DH had drilled the day before.  There were a lot of holes as you can see above. 


My initial job was to measure 30 inches from the end of each post.  we wanted that much below the surface.   So then it would be put into the next hole. 


Next, in goes about a fifth of a bag of concrete; that is about 10 pounds or more.  It’s a good thing DH is a strong man; those bags were big and heavy! 


Then we “water” it.  Can’t plant anything without a bit of water!  That’s my job.  I get it from the water tank behind the concrete shelf  behind the Gator.


Water helps mix the soil/sand with the concrete and sets the posts in the ground.  We push the soil down and tamp well.  Not a bad picture taken with my left hand, huh?  You had no idea I was ambidexterous, did you?  Heck I didn’t! Don’t you love my pink gloves?  I normally don’t like pink, but I wanted gloves that I knew wouldn’t walk away. . . .


We had quite an operation going when I looked up and saw a golf cart driving across the pasture.  I didn’t know whether it was Mona or Bob, but I knoew it was one of the neighbors. . .  It was Bob; he asked if we had heard the weather report.  It called for 3-5 inches of snow.  We hoped that we could finish this section before the weather got wet!  Thanks for the motivational speach, Bob! 


 So we kicked up our heels and restocked the Gator. .  I got to drive this time!  


Well we ran out of concrete before all 50 posts went in.  But we did get 47 set.  It was a good day.  Later in the week DH finished that side by putting the rails up.  He does that better without me, so I puttered inside.  You’ll see pictures of that in my next post.  We’re taking a break now!  img_0909