February 2009

Although it’s not planting time, we have still been busy building fences, putting together a sweep tub and planning a garden. Oh and full time jobs get in the way of our farm life. What is that all about? Well, we have to finance this stuff one way or another!
I’m just about to start our garden seeds. I’m hoping that I’m not too late.  This year I intend to keep a record of what I plant and when I put things in the ground etc. will help me figure out what I’ve done right and wrong. I understand that is what good gardeners have been doing for centuries!  I’ll get a few pictures taken as I go along.  And I’ll have more of the work we are doing on fences and gates.


Since we have lived in this house, I have smelled something wrong in the kitchen. Often it smells like something died under or behind a cabinet and sometimes it’s not bad at all. It is worse when the weather is warm. 
I believe I have solved the mystery, but I don’t know how to get rid of the smell. Someone before us must have allowed an onion to go bad inside the island cabinet. The smell permeates the plywood.
Please dearest readers, what do I do to rid the cabinette of the smell?
I’ve heard that charcoal can help, but how does one use it?
Rescue me please. . . .

    When is is filled in, of course!  I don’t know how people can treat their property as a pit to dump trash. . . When we moved here there was this  foot deep by 15 foot wide by 25 foot long hole that had been  dug out of a small hill in the back lot.   Apparently at one time someone thought they would put a root cellar into the side of this “hill”.   But it just ended up filled with stuff.

This picture was taken from above the hole at the top of the hill.


    In this hole was a lot of tree branches, a car bumper, a little girls bicycle, a 55 gallon drum and various other pieces of plastic junk.  Now I know it would take a little time and effort to take these things to the local dump, but it’s not that expensive!  My Mother always said that it doesn’t cost a lot to be clean.  (Doesn’t it scare you when your Mothers voice comes out of your mouth?  I could write an entire blog about that!)

   So anyway back to the subject at hand….this past weekend, we did something about that hole!  After we properly applied for and obtained a burn permit so we could get rid of some of the junk quickly.    Then DH began cleaning up the dead wood and tree branches that littered our land.  He also cut a number of small pines down to allow the remained to grow better.  He filled up the trailer at least twice with trees, leaves and stuff that could be burned.  Neighbor Bob came over to have help.  We couldn’t do a lot of these things without his help.  He’s got a really cool John Deere!



It took a while to get the fire going well, but Bob was up to the task.  He was very good at moving branches and other wood around to get the maximum heat to the fire.  There were a few places where the smoke came up like a chimney through the upper part of the hill like the spot below.  It was odd to see. 


Bob used his fancy tractor to push the sides closer to heat up the fire and we let it burn the rest of the afternoon.   Late that day we used water to finish putting it out.  The next day the tractor came out to play more!  It was close up day….. Look Thomas wants to help!



The hole was filling fast helped by some of the manure and hay that was cleaned up out of the field.   We had a trailer full to add to that hole.  I just hope it doesn’t settle too much and become a sink hole!   


When it was all done, the only way one could tell there had been a hole was that there is no grass there.  


And now there is no more hole!  Ta – Da!