I have seen these contraption on television and at the state fair, even in photographs.  But until now I have never built one.  DH would like to be able to inseminate and give vaccinations to our little darlings himself.  We have learned that Vet visits can be costly.  I don’t know about that, but I’d rather have someone who knows what they are doing (especially if I were onthe receiving end!).    It will be a good piece of equipment when the Vet shows up to check the ladies out.  

Okay so last month we purchased and put one in the back pasture.  Interesting project for a sunny warm winter day.  DH wanted the sweep tub down by the back pen so we moved it down on the trailer. 


Initially we were concerned about the weight of each piece.  We hooked the tractor up and gave it several gentle tugs to move it.  Once we got it off the trailer and looked at the directions, it wasn’t as intimidating.  Thank goodness it was a great day for working outside.   

The head gate was already down in that part of the pasture already so we didn’t have to move it.  But it was of course the beginning  (or the purpose) for the sweep tub. 


Quite a contraption, eh?  The cattle enter from the let and exit on the right.  And in between?  Well we wont’ go into those details right now!  Moving a long. . . We cut each piece off the “bundle” and laid them down so we could see what went where.  sort of like a puzzle.  Oddly enough there were no small parts for those of us who have put furniture together as a couple.  Hmmm, how do the parts go? 


We finally determined that there were male parts and female parts and they get togther to make something. . . sort of like. . . okay this is a family show I’ll talk about sweep tubs. . .


It’s starting to look like something!  Not bad for rookie farmer and a city girl!  But will it work? 




Lets see?  Where is part # 704-A?  Oh, there it is. . . Here’s DH attaching the tub to the back pen.



Ta-DA! ! ! ! Okay so the girls exit the feed pen and enter the sweep tub. 


(I know there are no cattle in there, but stick with me. . . ) they go into the around part just in front of the camera and enter the chute.  Hopefully this is one at a time, by then.  Then they proceed to the head-gate to get whatever procedure DH has for them. . . . Then they exit into the back pasture!  Hey look Ma, no pocket parts!