Wow, we had great weather this weekend!  Don’t hate us because it was beautiful; we were grateful and took full advantage of the sun and warmth.    Or at least DH did!  He got out early on Saturday and worked on the fence again with the goal of completing the circuit. 


It was warm so we had to make sure he was hydrated.  And fed!  That was my job.  Well that and a bit of spring cleaning!  I don’t need to take photos and tell you how much fun it is.  (So I didn’t!)   But DH was so good and fast that he was finished before lunch.  And so the East side met the West side!


The second picture is taken just next to the first.  It shows a small “jog” in the pasture.  You can see where the old hole we filled in was.  Now all he has to do is put electric on the inside and we can let the ladies roam in there.  Its’ much larger than the front pasture and there are a few trees which will provide shade.  The front pasture can use a good raking and so that will be our opportunity.

The other wonderful thing we were able to do is put our sign up in the front of the property.  With our neighbors, Bob and Mona, there to assist we got it set in and leveled without any trouble.  And we got to chat about a few things too. 


We put it right where the old one was.   Pretty cool huh?  We think it looks neat.  Now if the boys would grow up faster we’d have a product to sell…