Are you experiencing the same weather coaster that 2009 has brought us?  Two weeks ago one early morning the temperature was 14 when I went out to feed the ladies.  DH was out of town.  It was COLD.  Later that same week the temperature went up to almost 70.  Last week we had sun and almost 80.  Now we are lucky if it was 50 today!   As Gover from Sesame Street says “I am so confuuussed!”

    j02834752  This weekend we had both cool temps and rain. The centipede grass and trees really love it!  It’s fun to watch the deciduous trees awaken in the spring.

    I have also discovered that we have a small tulip tree (or really a shrub). It’s the first thing to bloom here since we don’t have a forsythia. The lilac is starting to get leaves as are the choke cherry trees.

   We didn’t get any outside work done this weekend, except feeding the ladies.  We did replace a light in the master bedroom closet.  We also did a bit of computer work in the den.   Taxes, don’t you love them?j0395692

   The seeds I started on the 4th of March are looking pretty good.  It took a while for the carrots to break the surface.  The squash is looking the best.  Peppers don’t like to start inside I take it.  So I’ll probably have to find plants somewhere.  j0433069 If I had a covered porch that faced South I’d have them outside during the day.  One day I plan on putting a green house or at least a green shed out back!  Just something to start seeds with more sunlight. 

   I hope your week is getting closer to spring as it is here in the Carolinas.  Enjoy the “Weather Coaster”!!! Wheee……