On Friday DH drove about 110 miles South West to purchase a few cattle from an older couple.  He learned that the man wanted to keep them, but his health was just not allowing him to.  So DH came back on Friday afternoon with a bull, a heifer, a momma and her two week old baby!   The first two are about 18 months old and are part brother and sister.   They share a Daddy by different females.   

    dsc_0117          dsc_0126

     I’m tempted to name them “Brother Sun” and “Sister Moon” after the prayer of Saint Francis.   On second thought I ought to keep those names for others.   Since they are a cross of Lowline and Limousin breeds  (Limousins are a French Angus breed of cattle which are becoming popular in the US) , the young man (one the left) will most likely be our first to be processed at the abattoir since we would prefer to breed our ladies to purebred males.   He may only be around about a month.  Maybe I’ll just call him Dusty or Salty because of the splash of white on his face.  We will just have to see . . .   The heifer on the right is a daughter of the large female we also got.   She’s a looker and will stay with us for a while. 

     Big Momma (whose real name is Southern Bell) is about twice the size of our biggest Dexter Angie.   She has with her a two week old baby that we have determined to be a little girl.  Of course Momma is very protective of her, but will allow her to lay in the field by the other females while she grazes a few yards away.   We can’t get very close to her ourselves, but hopefully soon.          

    dsc_0145      dsc_0158dsc_0150          dsc_0142

      We need your help naming her.  Momma is a Lowline/Angus cross and Daddy was a Limousin.   We probably won’t breed her, but she’ll be with us for at least 18 months until she’s fully grown.   She seems to be all legs and ears!    Send us suggestions and if we use your suggestion we’ll give you a remembrance of Smiling J Farm!