Where will it lead us from heee-re? yeah.    Why is it I can find a song for almost anything that happens around here, but I can’t find my keys in the morning?    It must be one of the worlds biggest mysteries. . .  A black hole may be easier to explain, I suppose.   Anyway, our girl Angie is back.  She went to meet a new boyfriend about an hour from here.  We heard that she and he were making noses in that back pasture of Best Nest Farm.  I hope they weren’t giggling at 2 in the morning.   I’d have to ground her for that!  When we brought her back today, she started calling to her old friends before she got out of the trailer! 

DSC_0025     DSC_0026    

And then when DH led her out to the pasture, all the others wanted her to know that they are now hold higher stations than they used to before hs left.  You can see that Q is trying his best to look menasing.  He’s clawing the ground using his front hoofs; just like the bulls in cartoons!  But I’m sure Angie had something to say about that.  She can hold her own with Q and has more than once told him what for!

DSC_0027      DSC_0028

They all were quite curious as to where Angie had been and why she smelled different.  And the girls all wanted to update her on the happenings at Smiling J since she’s been gone.  There are so many things that happen on a daily basis: weather, the cars going by, various things those 2-legged creatures do on noisy machines while they watch, new grasses coming in and oh we’re now back in the front pasture with a new kind of mineral block.  So many things to discuss. . . 


They just wouldn’t leave her alone to settle in.  Well she has at least 2 weeks before we mess with her again.  Now how do you think we can get her to pee on an EPT?  We just have to find out if she is in the motherly way. . .  Oh dear, I guess DH is just going to have to find that out without me.  I’m not sticking my hand anywhere near the rear end of a cow! 

Thank you, Jason and Joanna  at Best Nest Farm for letting us introduce Angie to Willie!   We can’t wait to see if the results are positive!