Did you know that Ben Hur was on yesterday?  My all time favorite movie.  I know I shouldn’t have been watching it.  I had spent a few hours working in the herb/veggie garden and felt I deserved a break.  So here I was enthralled once again by the famous chariot race scene.   (And just who doesn’t like a good chariot race. . . you have to admit, no one, but no one drives a chariot like Chuck Heston!!!)   

  chariot race 1                          chariot race 2

And I just have to bring this up. galley slave Who can deny that no one can flag down a rescue boat like him dresses as a galley slave either!     Oh Chuck . . . That loin cloth does you justice!  My my. . . have mercy . . . 

Oh,  whew, I’m sorry, where was I ?  Oh . . .  so in between the grinding of chariot wheels I hear some sort of noise that is not normal.  The dogs heard it too and began woofing. . .   The next time I heard it, I stepped out on to the back porch and hear DH calling me.  He sounded very unhappy and was yelling at the cattle for some reason. 

Just to let you know there is a space between the two pastures which is fenced all around and has 4 gates.  This is sort of a “shute” through which they travel.  I beleive you can see it best in this post https://maryooch.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/cattle-drive-small-farm-style/.   We don’t like to allow the ladies or steers to stay in this area long because there are trees which may be harmful to them if they eat too many leaves.   We are still identifying some of them, but we know that the choke cherry leaves can have a certain amount of arsenic in them. 

Okay now you know a bit more about our farm. Back to the scene:  So I stepped out to the yard in my sports bra, crocs and what we used to call clamdiggers (I am not sure they can really be called capris if they are mid calf, can they?).  Anyway, I was not dressed to be cattle wrangling, but that is what I ended up doing.   I wish I could have taken pictures, but I was too busy figuring out how to “herd” a heifer, Brown Sugar, and a steer, On-Q, away from the choke cherry trees and the grapes that grow around them.   These two acted as though they were 8 year olds who had broken into a candy shop.  They kicked up their heels and quickly grabbed at the leaves they could.  then they tried to hide amount the hanging vines of the grapes so it wasn’t easy to reach them. 

I told DH that he should try to get a halter on Q and see if he could leave him into the front pasture.  So after chasing them this way and that, it was just that easy to get Q with a molasses treat and a halter.   Once he was back in the pasture, the rest of them called to Sugar.   So I wondered if she would wander back in by herself if we let her.   I stood at the gate with it barely ajar (so no one else would escape!) and she slowly made her way over to me.  As she got close I opened it wider, while all her friends watched!    I’m out of here!  

I had to get back to see Chuck Heston as Judah Ben Hur!  Have mercy . . .