Lately the ladies have been relying on me for their sweet feed and water lately. . . And it’s been hot!      Summer has definitely arrived to North Carolina.   Okay I know that not all the cattle we have are ladies, don’t go getting highly technical on me.  Its just so much easier to say.   (Have I said that before?)    Anyway, back to the heat….


      So how have we been dealing with it?  Well, DH has been traveling for the passed two weeks.  He has made it home on the weekends, but during the week he’s been gone to either Puerto Rico or Virginia.  he says it’s been business! ! ! Oh, yeah, sure . . . and none of your clients had bikinis on did thy, DH?  ha, ha.  I must say that there were two other men with him in ‘Rico and the neighbor next door was with him in VA.    There were also at least one wife for each trip, too!   So he’s enjoyed the past few weeks rest in conferences and meetings. . . He’ll just have to wait to get back on that tractor! 

     And while he was away at the Bacardi factory learning how to enjoy a Mojito, I took care of his ladies  Before work I’d feed the girls and make sure they had plenty of water.  Sometimes I’d run the hose over one of them to help cool them.  It would also alleviate the flies for a little while at least!    And after work I’d  wait a bit until it was cooler than 95 to feed them again and refresh their water.   That is actually more for me and the water bins than the animals.   I’m no scientist, but if the sun is up the water in the bins should stay cooler if water is added as the temperatures are dropping.  j0336513

     It’s funny, but some of them like to drink water right from the hose as it’s pouring out into the bin.  It must be more refreshing than standing water.   So maybe it cools them off better.  Anyway, I figure they enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt them, so I just stand there and watch and talk to them.   My buddy Q is usually the first over to slurp from the rubber spout I hold.  He is just a hoot!     I know I don’t really look like that.  But round is a shape isn’t it?  LOL!j0297018

     There are several trees out int he back pasture that they use as shelter while the almost constant breeze is blowing.  It is so good to have that.  if we didn’t it would almost be unbearable for them (especially since all but one of them is black, Brown Sugar is the exception).   And there is a small shed. . . 

Do you remember this earlier in my posting?  The poor pathetic thing. . . It looked like an abandoned puppy. . . it needed some love. . . img_0846                                 img_0847

    So, DH made improvements to the little guy.  He removed all the corrugated siding and replaced it with wood.  Mind you it’s not the Ritz-Carlton, but it looks like a nicer place for a tired hot heifer to lay her head when she wants to get away from it all for a while. . .   Of course the extra lumber and tools have been removed.  It looks like there is plenty of air circulation.  I don’t think they all fit right now.  But since this pen is to be our nursery and weaning pen, there should be plenty of room for a few of them as we need it for that. 


DSC_0074        DSC_0073        DSC_0075

    Not bad, huh?  Well, we’ve had no complaints yet!  Now, please excuse me while I sip Mojitos in my air conditioned home. . . It’s been a heck of a two weeks here at Smiling J!   I need to cool off!           j0283690