Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks?  You know. . . your man goes to Europe without you. . .  you fall out of bed trying to hit your snooze button. . . Your dog runs away (more than once!). . . and you almost kill your pepper plants from underwatering? 

  I was successful at feeding and watering the cattle with a bit of help from neighbor Mona.  Thank you Mona! ! !  And thank you for taking care of my stupid dog, who wrecked the sliding screen door trying to get back into the hosue during a horrible thunder storm!   Oh, yeah that door won’t be going back on the frame. . . DH was not happy about that one. 

   Well, I’m so glad it is another week.  Another Sunday in which to blog and share a little bit of our lives with you.   And oh yes, in this nearly end of July in the Carolinas. . . our air conditioning unit is on the fritz. . . It attempts to cool us, but it’s just not as cool as it was last week. . .  DH reminded me that we did get a home owners insurance policy. 

     Perhaps the next time I write we will be a bit cooler (artifitially speaking!).  Have a wonderful week all!