A few weeks ago, we drove about 100 North East of our farm to get a very young bull and some furniture.  The folks we buy our cattle from are moving to Tennessee and are trying to limit the stuff they haul with them.  So we took the cattle trailer and had a nice Saturday morning drive.

It was a lovely day and the trip was quick, at least it seemed that way,  especially since I slept almost the entire trip.  Ahem . . . .well, anyway, we got up to the farm and chatted with the owners a while.  Then they introduced us to Trooper.  He is sooo cute.  I can’t get too close to him yet, but he will learn to trust us.   He is only 3 months old and once he grows up he’ll be our herd bull.   That is him with the blue tag.  I know it’s hard to see that now, but he’s going to be a great addition to our herd! 



Dexters are sort of like peanuts.  Once you go to pick up one, you just can’t do it!  We ended up adding not one, but three to our herd that day. . . Trooper (a bull), his half brother, Diplomat  ( a steer) and a 7 month old steer named Rush.  Aren’t they darling?  This is Rush.   He came to us at the same time as the two little ones.  He’s a 7 month old steer.  He’s less timid of us, but still shy. 


Diplomat is quite small and barely comes to my hip.  I think I’ll call him Mattie, I don’t think I like the idea of calling him Dippy!   Not that a steer would know the difference. . . But I would.   Rush’s mom was named Patience so Sally thought it would be fun to name him Rush.  She said he is anything but in a rush.  So once he trusts us, we hope he’ll be easy to deal with.