September 2009

 Please forgive me for changing the appearance of the site so frequently this week.   You know we women.  We enjoy changing the furniture around occassionally just for a different look.

  I have been looking for something which will complement natural colors which are often in my photos.  I also like to be able to set up the header photo.  The templates available with a custom header are limited. 

    But thank you for hanging in there and sharing this journey with me as I putter online!  I’ll get it straight soon, hopefully.


UPDATED:   I think I’ve found a look we both like.  The top picture is of DH taking the ladies into the front pasture.  It’s how we roll . . . . on the farm.



     I finally charged and changed the battery in our camera.   We are glad to be able to share our new look with you.  Now mind we still have lots of work to do with the landscape and decorating.  But here are the “after” pictures of our farmhouse and new “bunkhouse”.    We love the front porch.

DSC_0182          DSC_0187

DSC_0186          DSC_0183    


  Come visit us and enjoy a beverage on our front porch.  The view is just like the header at the top of the page.   It’s a peaceful country setting. 

  It’s exciting making all these improvements on the farm.  I don’t know what we’ll do once we have it the way we want it.   Do you think we’ll need a hobby?  LOL.  

DSC_0167           DSC_0180


We have done a lot of things to the house and grounds of the Smiling J Farm during the past month.  Also DH’s Mother visited us for two weeks.  So we’ve been running pretty fast for a few weeks. 

Okay Momma first.  . . . Her name is Voncile.  I think the world of her and wish we could have done so much more together.   But it’s very difficult for her to get around so we were sort of limited in what we could do.   She got to drive the Gator around during feeding time, but we didn’t get pictures.  She and I  did go to get her hair done and we ran to the Wal-Mart .   Then DH and I both took her to the RV at the lake.  The boys also went with us.  Those “boys”, of course would be  our four legged boys, Auggie and Thomas.  We had fun visiting and sharing some meals with her.   She really enjoyed the farm, which is named for her husband.  She said that he would be really proud of us for doing this.  And if he could be here he would!   I’m so glad we named the farm for him. 

While she was here we finished what permit applications and all that we needed to do for the bunk house and the new porch.   And once she was back home the contractors began their tearing down and building up.  This place was a mess for about three weeks.  There are a few things which need to be put back in order.  But the major work has been completed.


DSC_0093                                           DSC_0096


There was new siding for the house and a new roof, too.   It looks much nicer now.   And we had a brick and concrete porch put in the front.  It’s a 10 ft by 17 ft porch with pillars which dress it up a bit.  We’ve enjoyed it already although it’s a morning porch this time of year.  The heat of the sun is a bit much in the evening.   we have also added another building to our farm.  It’s a combination farm office and bunk house.  It has a nice front porch, a set of double doors to the office and three windows.  We’ll be adding electric to it for comfort.   We’ll share our water with any quests that visit.  plumbing is a little more expensive than we could handle right now.   We have the paint for the bunk house.  It will match the house.  We have yet to get any window boxes or shudders for it.  But those can wait for a bit. 

 I’ll have to recharge the camera batteries before providing “after” photos.  That better be soon!  

In other news we have two of our animals on display at the Lee Regional Fair.  Angie and Q are just up the road in Sanford to help educate people about our farm and the breeds of cattle available for those who have small farms.   I’ll have to go see them some time this week.  Not today though, gardening class kicks off again this evening.   Can’t miss it.  This city girl has learned so much!   I’m preparing my garden for fall planting of lettuces carrots and radishes.  Maybe even some broccoli.   The idea of fresh out of the garden broccoli for Thanksgiving is  quite appealing.  Don’t you think?DSC_0171                                   DSC_0169