When first we practice to deceive.” .  . . .

   Oh but it is far from that which we do!   We are merely adding to the tangle of the Web that is.  Okay, you might say that adding is weaving. . . but let’s not get technical. 


   Allow me to direct you to the left side of our blog’. . .  where it says “Web sites We Like”.  Hey look!  Smiling J Farm has a Web Site now!  OR better yet. . . It’s at:  http://www.smilingjfarm.com/   Kewl!  

Now you can see more of what we are all about and maybe if you like, you can order some humanely raised grass-fed beef from us.   This is our first web page, so feel free to make any suggestions which will make it easier for you to view of use it.  Soon, we will have an order form added to make it easier for us to kep track of orders.  

   There is also another e-mail address connected with the farm.  but those of you who have our home e-mail can still use that.   Well right now you can go and read all about Irish Dexters and Australian Lowlines at our web site.  But don’t forget to come back and see us here.  Thanks!