You know the old saying  (I paraphrase) men work from sun up to sun down but a womans work is never done?   Well, it seems that no matter what we do here at Smiling J, neither of us ever gets everything done we need or want to.  Two steps forward and one back. . . or maybe we are stepping sideways! 

  Of course the fact that we both work full-time off the farm could have something to do with it.   DH feeds his “ladies” early in the morning before he showers and moves some of them to a new pasture.  By the time he is ready for it, I’m done and ready to head out the door.   When we get home, I take care of the dogs.  Sometimes I will work in the garden or pay bills.   Sometimes I’ll update our blog and check e-mail.  Okay there are also times when I check Facebook or play a round on a computer game too!  DH usually arrives about a half hour to an hour after I’m home.  He changes and feeds again.   He checks his feed/hay inventory and makes sure everyone has plenty of water.   After these basic chores the work starts again.  It’s either laundry for me or paperwork.  DH mows, paints, fixes or builds something.   He finds all kinds of things that need or want done.  After work I go to Curves three days a week.  And once a week I attend a sustainable gardening class at a satellite classroom of our community college.

This weekend, we had all kinds of things we had to accomplish.  DH started painting the bunk house.  I worked n the garden pulling out old plants and preparing it for the fall seed.   

We also tried out the newest local restaurant:  a Cracker Barrel!  Oh Yeah. . . .  Right in town . . . north of us, less than 10 miles!  


 It’s one of 5 nationwide which are not on major highways.  Great comfort food.  I had a steak salad which I probably could have gotten elsewhere, but I took most of it home and had it the next day.  Yumm.

UPDATED 12 OCT 09 :  Got seeds in on Wednesday the 7th.  It was a good thing too because the next day I came home from work early.  Been down and out with the flu since.  Which one you say (oink)?  It doesn’t matter to me.  It is ugly.  Coughing, hot (fever), ache-y flu. . . . Hope to get photos this week of all the work we’ve done.  Hope all is well with you.