Fair season is quite new for us; at least the exhibitor competitor side of Fairs is new.  We have participated in two this year and have another in two weeks as you will see below.  Interesting results. 

 Our Gal Angie, having help from our friend Sal, a family friend, won a blue ribbon at the State Fair. It was in the Jr heifer category and we are very proud of them both.  We know that most of the work was done by Sal and his mom, Jennie, so they really deserve a lot of the credit. But our Angie is so cooperative and gentle.  She is one of most vocal ladies (note the picture of her mooing in the ring!)!  

 State Fair Moo 2009

 State Fair 3 2009

For those who have not seen our animals, this should give you a very good idea of their size. I don’t know how tall Sal is but he’s about 11 or 12 years old and Angie will be 2 in December of this year.  So she is full-grown.  You’ll notice that standing normally her head barely comes up to his shoulder.  She is one of our Lowline heifers.  Of course the Lowlines are a little bit larger, but they are still smaller than “standard” cattle.

Congratulations Sal and Angie.  And oh if you are a local reader, we are entering Angie and two others (Mr Q and In-the-Pink) in the newest fair in two weeks; Harnett County’s  Regional Agricultural Fair is in 3-7  November 2009.   We know that Sal and Angie make a great team and will proudly represent Smiling J Farm!

Just in case you are interested, here is the flyer for the competitions: