November 2009

Since I last posted DH has been baby-ing our buddy Rush back to good health. The Vet was great and gave him good advice (which he took to a T). Now Rush is back in the pasture with his friends Trooper, Diplomat and Mac.    He’s eating well and looks better every day.   My guess is that he’ll gain all the weight he lost pretty quickly if he hasn’t already. 

  Here is an earlier photo of Rush. 

He and Trooper had “words” to see who is second in charge.  Gee I wish I had gotten pictures of that!   There wasn’t much to it, just some head pushes and chasing.  I’m not sure who the winner was.  I suppose I’ll learn next week as I’m the feed handler all week. 

Oh yes DH is heading somewhere for Uncle Sam again.  I hope he appreciates my taking care of his ladies.  We’ll see if he brings anything sparkly back with him!   At least something for my charm bracelet. . . . We’ll see….

I hope you all had awownderful Thanksgiving!  Aren’t you looking forward to all those leftovers?  Why is it that it tastes so good the next day?  Yum. . .


  Well this morning DH went back to feed all his “ladies” and bulls and check on Rush.   It appears he is doing a bit better.  He stood up by himself which he wasn’t able to do last night.   And after DH got him to take a supplement (sort of kick-start meal) he nibbled on some hay and drank some water.  He is still pretty weak so the vet will come back to check on him later today.   We’ve really done all we can for him.  Last night I said a prayer to St Francis to see if there is something he could do.   Hey, it couldn’t hurt could it? 

  DSC_0057    Rush is the larger of the three in this picture. 

It may not be an emotional event for larger farms/ranches, but the thought of losing one of our 15 cattle is sort of stressful.   The vet showed up after 10.  I didn’t go out until about 1030 just to see if they needed any help.  (Actually I just hollered from the back porch)   But DH said they were okay.  I still didn’t get to sleep until after 1130.  That is really late for me and I am tired!

OMG it’s the SUN! ! ! And are we glad to see her. . .  We got nearly 5 inches of rain.  I can’t remember it raining that much during any storm in the 16 years we’ve been in the Carolinas.  Most of the hurricanes move through so quickly that we don’t get much rain.  Ida must have stalled or something.  It rained most of the week.  I hope to have photos downloaded soon. 

  Since has been a great weekend for outside work.  BUT yesterday DH noticed that one of his steers, Rush wasn’t eating and was listless.   We went to Tractor Supply for some antibiotics and added it to some electrolyte water.  We separated him this morning, but he is not doing well.  It’s almost 10 pm and the Vet is on her way over to see him.    He had been housed with another steer and two bulls.  I hope he didn’t have anything contagious.  And we really hope not to lose him.  We’ll keep you informed.

    Things are soggy and cold here as we are still feeling Hurricane Ida’s effects. It’s been raining all week and according to the reports we’ve gotten about 5 inches of rain! ! !  Although we are glad to have the moisture to refill the water table in the Carolinas, we do wish it had been spread out over a bit more time.  Talk about wrinkled fingers . . .  By the time I’m done feeding the cattle my gloves are completely wet through.    And every time we feed we have to empty the water out of troughs.    

   Our poor front pasture cattle had at least 3-4 inches of water in their run-in shed.  The wind normally blows in the opposite direction. This time it was not in their favor.   So we’ve moved them into the back pasture where it is a bit drier.  That of course is relative due to the continued rain we have gotten again today!   Since it’s been so windy as soon as the rain stops the ground should quickly dry out.  

    That same wind has been quite a bugger at times today.   I’ve taken some time off to work on a few projects here and have been concerned more than once about the large trees around us.   Thank goodness there aren’t ‘as many trees around us as there were in the last house.  We just about lived in the woods.   Winds always brought down a number of limbs and lots of leaves.  No raking here later this week!

    It looks like coastal Carolina and the shores of Virginia have had serious rain and wind issues.  It is unusual for a storm to hit this late in the year.  Hurricane season normally ends the 1st of November.      This storm is particularly uncomfortable because the temperatures are lower than during the normal hurricane season.  We have 40s here and with this wind it feels like it’s in the upper 30s.    Hace frio!  It’s cold!  “Ida-declare!”

Last Wednesday we went to the Harnett County Regional Agricultural Fair.  Our Heifers Angie and Pink and a steer On-Q competed in the beef competition.   It was an open class contest so we competed with all sizes of animals.  When miniatures compete with the “big boys” it’s a tough job.  It was evening when the contests started.  I don’t know about the youngsters, but I was tired by the time they ended. 

Some of the classes only had three entries, so we did get a few ribbons.  But this is also the first time our county has held a fair.  So the competition will probably be stiffer next year.  BUT we will be too!  Our animals will be bigger by then and we will have this experience behind us.  We also hope to have other Dexter and Lowline breeders shoe their animals by then. 

We are happy for the winners.  But we’ll be back!