Last Wednesday we went to the Harnett County Regional Agricultural Fair.  Our Heifers Angie and Pink and a steer On-Q competed in the beef competition.   It was an open class contest so we competed with all sizes of animals.  When miniatures compete with the “big boys” it’s a tough job.  It was evening when the contests started.  I don’t know about the youngsters, but I was tired by the time they ended. 

Some of the classes only had three entries, so we did get a few ribbons.  But this is also the first time our county has held a fair.  So the competition will probably be stiffer next year.  BUT we will be too!  Our animals will be bigger by then and we will have this experience behind us.  We also hope to have other Dexter and Lowline breeders shoe their animals by then. 

We are happy for the winners.  But we’ll be back!