Things are soggy and cold here as we are still feeling Hurricane Ida’s effects. It’s been raining all week and according to the reports we’ve gotten about 5 inches of rain! ! !  Although we are glad to have the moisture to refill the water table in the Carolinas, we do wish it had been spread out over a bit more time.  Talk about wrinkled fingers . . .  By the time I’m done feeding the cattle my gloves are completely wet through.    And every time we feed we have to empty the water out of troughs.    

   Our poor front pasture cattle had at least 3-4 inches of water in their run-in shed.  The wind normally blows in the opposite direction. This time it was not in their favor.   So we’ve moved them into the back pasture where it is a bit drier.  That of course is relative due to the continued rain we have gotten again today!   Since it’s been so windy as soon as the rain stops the ground should quickly dry out.  

    That same wind has been quite a bugger at times today.   I’ve taken some time off to work on a few projects here and have been concerned more than once about the large trees around us.   Thank goodness there aren’t ‘as many trees around us as there were in the last house.  We just about lived in the woods.   Winds always brought down a number of limbs and lots of leaves.  No raking here later this week!

    It looks like coastal Carolina and the shores of Virginia have had serious rain and wind issues.  It is unusual for a storm to hit this late in the year.  Hurricane season normally ends the 1st of November.      This storm is particularly uncomfortable because the temperatures are lower than during the normal hurricane season.  We have 40s here and with this wind it feels like it’s in the upper 30s.    Hace frio!  It’s cold!  “Ida-declare!”