OMG it’s the SUN! ! ! And are we glad to see her. . .  We got nearly 5 inches of rain.  I can’t remember it raining that much during any storm in the 16 years we’ve been in the Carolinas.  Most of the hurricanes move through so quickly that we don’t get much rain.  Ida must have stalled or something.  It rained most of the week.  I hope to have photos downloaded soon. 

  Since has been a great weekend for outside work.  BUT yesterday DH noticed that one of his steers, Rush wasn’t eating and was listless.   We went to Tractor Supply for some antibiotics and added it to some electrolyte water.  We separated him this morning, but he is not doing well.  It’s almost 10 pm and the Vet is on her way over to see him.    He had been housed with another steer and two bulls.  I hope he didn’t have anything contagious.  And we really hope not to lose him.  We’ll keep you informed.