Well this morning DH went back to feed all his “ladies” and bulls and check on Rush.   It appears he is doing a bit better.  He stood up by himself which he wasn’t able to do last night.   And after DH got him to take a supplement (sort of kick-start meal) he nibbled on some hay and drank some water.  He is still pretty weak so the vet will come back to check on him later today.   We’ve really done all we can for him.  Last night I said a prayer to St Francis to see if there is something he could do.   Hey, it couldn’t hurt could it? 

  DSC_0057    Rush is the larger of the three in this picture. 

It may not be an emotional event for larger farms/ranches, but the thought of losing one of our 15 cattle is sort of stressful.   The vet showed up after 10.  I didn’t go out until about 1030 just to see if they needed any help.  (Actually I just hollered from the back porch)   But DH said they were okay.  I still didn’t get to sleep until after 1130.  That is really late for me and I am tired!