Since I last posted DH has been baby-ing our buddy Rush back to good health. The Vet was great and gave him good advice (which he took to a T). Now Rush is back in the pasture with his friends Trooper, Diplomat and Mac.    He’s eating well and looks better every day.   My guess is that he’ll gain all the weight he lost pretty quickly if he hasn’t already. 

  Here is an earlier photo of Rush. 

He and Trooper had “words” to see who is second in charge.  Gee I wish I had gotten pictures of that!   There wasn’t much to it, just some head pushes and chasing.  I’m not sure who the winner was.  I suppose I’ll learn next week as I’m the feed handler all week. 

Oh yes DH is heading somewhere for Uncle Sam again.  I hope he appreciates my taking care of his ladies.  We’ll see if he brings anything sparkly back with him!   At least something for my charm bracelet. . . . We’ll see….

I hope you all had awownderful Thanksgiving!  Aren’t you looking forward to all those leftovers?  Why is it that it tastes so good the next day?  Yum. . .