It has been too long since I updated. . . I hope everyone reading had a wonderful Christmas.  We wish you many blessings and much happiness in 2010.  Wow, where did the year go?  It’s just amazing how time flies, isn’t it?    

   Well, we have been busy here at the Smiling J.  Although the fall crop would tell you otherwise.  The radishes and green onions are the only things which have produced.  /we have enjoyed them though!  I have to get on the ball and draw up a garden plan for the spring.  It’s on my list of things to do… along with books to read people to call and bills to pay. . . Well at least the last gets done!   

  DH has been (and is as I write)  out maintaining the fields regularly.  He clears away as much manure as possible putting it into his new toy, a manure spreader!  (It is amazing what Santa can fit into his sleigh isn’t it?).  Well it may be used, but it’s new for DH!  What can be more enjoyable to a man than an afternoon of shoveling sh–?   . . .   Why he can fling it! ! !  And how much better to fling it than to have a machine that does just that?    DH is in cattle heaven (as opposed to hog heaven) with this machine.  We can note that color coordination is not a concern here at Smiling J as long as the machine works!   


          Let the manure flinging begin                                 


                    A whole lot of flinging going on …                                                                                                                                                   

    Santa was very good to the Smiling J farmers this year.  He brought us a new bench for the bunk house that looks just like it came from a buckboard.  It even has our farm name on it.  What do you think?  


New Buckboard Bench          


                 The farm name was engraved on the bench for us!  
     We have enjoyed it on the front porch of the house.  It is comfortable and the springs give it a gentle rock.  I imagine that it wasn’t very easy to travel using this as the seat of a wagon over long distances.  It would be difficult on backs and behinds after a short trip!   But it will be fun having here to enjoy on the farm.  Come visit and set a spell with us! 
     I’ll do a better job of adding pictures and updating you all on our farm. . . .  Check back with us on occasion.  We expect to send 3 steers to the “Big House” in early February.  We;ll pay tribute to those boys who have spent most of their lives with us.   And we have 6 heifers “on the nest” and we expect the first baby in February.    Maybe you can help us name them.  You will want to hear all the news that Smiling J has for you.    Don’t miss it! ! !