And may you find joy in living each day in spite of national and world events.   Joy can be found in many daily activities.   I hope that more blogging will be one of mine this year.    We shall see.

We do expect to be blessing with lots of little babies this year.  If we are not mistaken six of our ladies are expecting to deliver before summer.   February will be our first!  Our Angelina is going to be our first mama. 

Santa brought us a Wii so maybe we’ll be bowling every other night this winter. .. DH has challenged me almost every day since we plugged it in!  That is amazing since he usually wants to rest  once he comes in from  feeding the ladies or doing other chores.   The problem is that he was a good bowler when he was in the Army, so he is so much better at it than I am.  And he wants to slide all over the family room to get a spare!  He’s really funny to watch. 

Well got to get ready for work.  Bills don’t go away because there is a new year. . . . Have a great one!