Boy oh boy….It’s just amazing how global warming is affecting the South. why I was out feeding DHs animals this about 9 this morning and by the time I finished my hands up to the second knuckle were so cold I was in pain and starting to lose feeling in them.  I must say that I feel badly for the cattle we have.  But they seem to do better than I do our there!  Even in DHs Carhart long johns and shirt, thermal work gloves and several layers up top I was not happy being out in it.

Anyway, the rest of the day I’ve been vacuuming and removing the last christmas items from the house.  I’ve decided to leave the snowmen out since it is still winter after all!   Actually a few of us at the office at trying to “channel” a snow event that might bring the bright cheerful white stuff to our area.   Of course we don’t want it to stay very long just long enough to give us a day off to make soup and exercise all day on the Wii! 

    Perhaps I’ll see you later in the week. . . thanks for checking in with us on the farm!