We do appreciate the rain  that we get.  It ensures that the water table is ready for the spring planting season for the farmers of green things.   But too much makes the fields mushy and unworkable.  I’m ready to say ENOUGH!   Here is a picture of what the cattle have to deal with after so much rain. 

It’s a bit messy to slog around in, but they managed.   Poor Angie is just about to have that baby.  We’d really like to see it born when it’s not real cold and rainy.  I’m sure that the baby will be okay even if it’s rainy, but this is our first and it would be great if it was a pleasant experience for all of us.  

Our Portly Lady – Angie.  Doesn’t she look like she’s about to pop?   We have her segregated from the rest now.  It should only be a few weeks.  

   DH was busy, since it was sunny, getting and restocking a load of hay for the ladies.  He found some not far from us and the bales are bigger than what we have gotten in the past. 

  BUT it rained and rained again on Sunday night!  Now we have ponds and swamps which we have not seen before.  

                                                            This was worse earlier in the morning; not fun to drive through.   Driving out the driveway was a challenge this morning on the way to the office.  By the time I got to the end of the driveway my brakes were wet.  It scared me at the end of the road trying to stop.  Traffic is not very forgiving and there is a blind curve.   I had to pump hard on the brakes!  But now I know to do that before getting out on the road.

When I got home I wandered around to get pictures before the sun started going down.  (I got home a little early today)

                                                  The birds enjoyed splashing around in the water and catching the early bugs.  Yes those are robins and it is January!  I have wondered if they winter here in the Carolinas.  

                                                 More ponding.  This is the front pasture.  if it had frozen we could have had an ice skating party!  Just kidding. . .  We hope that the water subsides before any freezing takes place.