There is the tale of Smiling J Lake.  For several weeks we have been getting rain while those in the North had snow.  One weekend though, we had a Deluge of 5 inches. . . in one weekend!
That was just about the final blow after the rainiest winter I can remember.   Although my memories of North Carolina only go back 17 years, it is quite a long time.     

We noticed after each rain that a spot in the drive and on the North-east side of the front pasture water would collect.  Within a day it would usually recede.  The sandy soil here is good for drainage.    But after so much rain (thank you El Nino) the land was saturated.   Thus was the beginning of Smiling J Lake.       

After much rain; before the Deluge       
        After the Deluge. . . Boating anyone? 

       Lake Woe is Us. . .       

  It was very good for the Robins who over winter here.  If there were any bugs in and around the top of the water, they went right in to get them.  The Bluebirds who are arriving back early also enjoyed a drink.      Is this the Blue Bird of  Happyness ? ? ?      It was fun watching them fly over and dip just their  beaks in as they swooped down.         

Soggy Front Pasture. . .       

But driving through it to get to work was not fun.   The first time I tried to drive through the lake my brakes got wet and scared me when they were spongy near the stop sign at the corner!   So for a few days I was required to take and alternative route and use a neighbors driveway.  Thank goodness for nice neighbors!           

As it recedes it attracts Starlings by the hundreds!                Look the Lake is finally Receding. . .      

Call Hitchcock. . . I found his birds. . .

Anyway it has taken about two weeks for the lake to dry up.  We are going to have to get clay and build up that section of the drive and then put gravel down on top.  In light of that fact, Cupid brought DH a special resent for Valentine's Day. . .  He traded in his John Deere for one with a bucket loader!  He is so proud of that thing.  I have to admit letting him get that was a bit mercenary on my part. . . I would like him to break the ground up around the new garden area.  He has a disk tool for that, but the heavier tractor will make it much easier!   I can't wait for a bigger garden!          

 Anyway, we may still get a lake in the driveway area when it rains badly.  But if we build up hte driveway enough we'll be able to negotiate it even through another Smiling J Lake!