Joe Lee

Let us introduce you to our newest little boy. . . His momma is Angelina (Angie) our herd lead cow.  She has been our favorite for almost two years!   She has a sweet tooth and like molasses cookies.   So anyway, last Thursday she presented us with her boy we have named Joe Lee.   Our neighbor Mona and her daughter were checking on Angie and found that she had just given birth.  DH ran home to make sure they were okay and put straw in the running shed.  (Thank you Debbie for suggesting the straw!)

          What is that Momma?                   

Get it ?  Angelina and Joe Lee?  So Joe Lee is a 3/4 Lowline bull. Of course he’s only a week old at this point. But he’ll be a bull for sure in about a year!   We haven’t measured or weighed him yet.  But we think he’s close to 43 pounds.   He’s full of spit and vinegar according to DH; he likes to hide behind the run-in shed and chases his Momma around the little fenced area they call home.   It’s great to see “Little Joe” as I call him romping and kicking up his heels as he plays.  He’s a little darling.  I can’t wait until we have more running and playing with each other.   That shouldn’t take long.  We have 5 more on the way. . . or at least we think we do!