I’m sorry about leaving the blog go without updates! There are lots of spring things we have been doing. Even a place as small as ten acres needs work to become a better more effective farm.   To begin with we have put Angelina and Joe Lee into the next pasture.     Joe Lee is almost two months old now.  So, Angelina and Joe Lee  have joined the rest of the ladies in the bigger pasture.   And it was a bit of an adventure for both of them as you can see below.                  

Uh, oh the gate is opened. . .





      Little boys are fun to watch.  It doesn’t matter if they are human, canine or bovine . . .  I don’t know if it’s is a testosterone thing or what. . . but they like to think of themselves as large and in charge.   And age doesn’t mean a thing!  We caught him the day standing in the only muddy part of the pasture.  Just like a little a boy. . .            

Is this freedom, Momma?

I'm the King of the Woo-rld!


And as if motherhood isnt’ bad enough, the ladies put Angie on the spot when she came back to the “fold” too.  We women do have issues don’t we?  I don’t know that she’s the herd leader any more.  

Angelina has to fight for her "place" in the herd again!

 Anyway, they have both become a part of the larger group of heifers and the one cow.   We can’t wait until the other five have their babies.  Oh man won’t that be fun to watch?  I better get a video camera for that!