– It is amazing how rain water affects plants differently than treated water. The garden seems to have grown several inches just from the showers we enjoyed last the weekend. 
– I enjoy listening to the sounds of the country. One of my favorites are the morning calls of the Chuck-Will’s-Widow and the Whip-Or-Will. Sometimes it seems as though they are competing with each other across the fields.         

–  How did our ancestors do all they did without the conveniences we have today?  I can’t imagine living this far South without at least refrigeration.   And when it’s over 90, I bless the man who invented air conditioning.   Dont’ get me started about the humidity.   I do not like to sweat, but it seems I cannot run away from it! 

–   I’m very happy that we bought this place and wish I could show my family all we have done.   I think my parents would like the farm.  And I like to think that my father-in-law, Julian, would have loved it so much that he would have sold his place and moved here with us.  That’s why I suggested we name it after him.  And yes I believe he’s smiling on us. . . Might even be laughing at us, who knows?

–   In light of the above, I can’t wait to start improving the inside of our humble home.  We worked on the outside for the past two years and it’s time to get working on walls, flooring and cabinets.              

–  I can’t retire from my “gov-mint”  job until we finish the inside renovations.  But I won’t mind as long as the place looks good once we’re through.  Okay I lied. . . if it’s not done within 3.5 years I’m retiring anyway!                                

–  Have you heard the saying “It’s what you learn after you think you have learned  it all that counts”?   I’m not exactly sure if that is the quote, but ti makes sense to me.  DH and I have learned sooooooo much in the short two years we have lived here. 

–  Did you know that cucumbers have tendrils like green beans?  They like to grab onto something and grow up it.  I may have to find a trellis or something for them to grow on.  I just noticed the tendrils on our plants this weekend. 

–  Our Buddy Auggie has stopped running next door for attention.  I don’t know if he just doesn’t care if he’s in charge of those dogs or he just can’t be bothered running over there now.  He should know that he’s king of the farm here.

–  We harvested our first zucchini, lettuce and radishes over the weekend.   I’m so happy the garden is doing well this year.   We planned and planted well as well as used an irrigation system.  Good watering practices paid off. 

____ I hope to have pictures of the garden this week.  Please be patient with me!  Thanks for reading! ! !