When I was young my Mother would sing that song to me. . . “Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?…” It was fun to have a song just about your name. When I was old enough to sow seeds my Dad gave me a little spot to see if I could grow Morning Glories. It was great to see them open every mornings, even if watering them was a chore. My parents always had some kind of flowers growing around the yard.  I remember Iris, Phlox, Daisies and Lily-of-the-Valley.  The last one was the most wonderfully fragrant.    My Mother lamented that it grew so fast (up North) that it couldn’t be gotten rid of.  I do remember it growing into the lawn.  It was so fragrant that the scent even today takes me back home!    I have tried several times in the Carolinas to grow Lily-of-the-Valley.  I’m not sure why but it just doesn’t like me.  This year I have planted two or three sets of bulbs.  I would really like one of them to grow.  If they don’t I may have to try some in a planter next year.   Maybe they will work that way. 

Our flower bed is nothing to brag about right now.  It’s just getting started and of course the daffodils have been gone for a while.  They need to rest until next spring.  Anyway the rest of the Phlox, and Asters are just growing.  We may have one lone Stella D’oro Day Lily bloom.  But it will be by itself.   We also have 6 Daylily plants started in front of the house where we can see them.  Next year they will bloom too.  All of them should be photo worthy by then, I hope! 

We have more than flowers here at Smiling J!   We expanded the veggie garden this year and as an experiment are trying different veggies to see what will grow easily.   We have two Zucchini plants that have just exploded.  There are so many flowers that you can see them without stooping over.  There are two yellow squash plants that are just about as big as the zuchinni.  We have 3 cucumber, 2 cantalope, lots of lettuce, 7 tomato, 3 pepper, 2 hot pepper, onions, carrots and radishes.   

I had hoped to plant green beans and luffahs.  If I don’t hurry it will be too late!  Should do that soon don’t you think?  We built a frame for netting that they can climb up.  I think I’ll set up the irrigation and the net before I plant.  Hopefully I’ll get all that done this evening.   Then I can plant them over the weekend.  I don’t think I’ll plant both; maybe just the luffahs.  It will be fun to watch them grow.