I love fall, don’t you?  Well most of the time I do.  The temperatures are much more pleasant than summer.  And some of the bugs are gone until next spring.  So I don’t mind working a bit more in the garden during fall.  

    This fall we are watching to little babies play and grow up fast.  I can’t help but see the parallels between them and humans.  

   Since Joe Lee was born in February he has already been weaned and is now with the rest of the males of the herd.   He was the        Big-Man-in-the-Pasture. . . until he was sent to the “mens section”.   Now he’s just one of the guys.  Poor kid he did not like being separated from his momma.  But then, what man does?   And how did Angie do during this weaning?  Well initially she wasn’t happy; but then she soon realized that as long as there is food, hey what’s the big deal?  LOL.  Poor Joe took it harder than she did! 

    The next three “girls” were born in June:  Spice, Louise and Schotzi still enjoy running around the pasture, exploring the holes that Joe made and can be seen grazing together.  
       We seldom see them far apart from each other unless they are nursing.   They are still cute to watch.  I need to get more pictures of all of them kicking up thir heels. 

    The last two were born in late August.  Southern Cross (Cross)  and Southern Gentleman (The Man) are the youngest of our herd.  They stay closer to each other for saftey since there are times when they are harrassed by the other three.  It’s funny how calves will push each other around.  I suppose it’s partially instinct and partially learned.  We do see the older cows pushing the younger ones out of the way for food.  Perhaps that behavior is learned from their parents.   Nature or nurture?   Hhhhmmmm.  . . . .

   We are also getting ready for a fun event here on the 23rd of October.   We are hosting the North and South Carolina chapter of English Springer Rescue of America (ESRA)  fall festivities.   we hope to have good weather for this event.  We’ll have goodies, games and a raffle for ESRA and the dogs will bob-for-dogs (hotdogs!) and be able to run off leash in a specified area.    there will be a costume contest and one for Best Tail Wag, Best Trick and Pin-the-tail-on-the-Springer for any children who attend!   There will be chili, hotdogs, hamburgers and all the fixin’s.   We will also allow people to ahve their dogs photographed with a seasonal background.    

   There are lots of things to do to get ready for this event.  We hope it will be as fun as it sounds.  Pictures will be taken for this blog.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for reading. . . .