Last Sunday afternoon there was quite the activity on Smiling J Farm.
First the veterinarian and an entourage came in to do some work on the cattle. Shots, de-worming and removing parts from 3 boys!!!!! Ouch…. I made coffee for the doc and her entourage. . wish I had the soup ready by then. . . But I was cleaning up after mice. . Not a story I prefer to tell. 

Then just after one in the afternoon a lady friend from work, Mayra, and her dog, Victor, came over to visit. Now Vic is a very unusual dog. He looks really big from the side but when he turns to face you he all but disappears! You see Victor is a Borzoi, a Russian Wolfhound. When you and he are both standing you can scratch his back without leaning over! And when he runs around the yard. . . he is so long-legged he lopes like a horse!
Mayra was concerned about Victor because of an incident where another dog lunged at him. Victor responded in kind, probably to protect her more than anything. So this visit was more than just social for us. It was an opportunity for her to see how Vic does with another dog one-on-one.

The boys did pretty well together although Thomas wanted to “protect” me from Victor a few times. Was he protecting me or just jealous that I might give another dog attention? Hhhmmm. Well they didn’t fight that was good! Perhaps we will have Mayra and Victor stop over another day or maybe we will meet at a park and take a walk together as socialization practice.
Thomas was very tired after that play date. He slept very well that night!