Our first winter here in the Carolinas was wonderful.   That Christmas Day I was out side walking with the dog (Caesar) in my shirtsleeves.  It was 70 degrees.  I decided at that time that I could get used to living here in this weather. 

Fast forward 18 years and we are living in a different Carolina!   this year has gotten quite cold very early.  Usually these temperatures don’t reach us until well into the New Year. 

We’ve had to add additional straw to the run-in sheds and feed the ladies much more hay to help keep them warm.   It’s a good thing we put int he automatic watering systems that don’t freeze.  We’d be breaking ice every 12 hours or so if we hadn’t.

It’s funny how weather affects us as we get older. . . or should I say how we get older changes the way we allow the weather to affect us?  I never liked the heat when it gets above 90. . . but now I find that I don’t like the cold when it’s below 32. . . one of those things that makes y0u go  hhhhmmmmmmm.

But winter on the farm doesn’t change the need to properly feed the animals. . . as I said before they need more to eat to keep them warm.  This week I’ve been helping DH get hay to the “ladies” and bulls so it doesn’t take him as long to care for them.   We get to eat quicker too because he then helps me get it on the table.