As time goes by we all know that there are two constants in life:  death and taxes. . . . LOL.   One other thing we can count on is change.  Some of us like things as they are. .   .no need to change something if it’s not “broke”.   And then there are those who like a new venue, new ways of seeing things and new things to see and do.  .   .  

    This year we have decided to change our farm website to a more user-friendly system and with that there is the addition of a new blog.  I know I was not happy with the website service we used.  All they want to do is sell you more.  Their entire website is all about selling you more. . .. I found the web design page difficult to understand unless you are a computer guru and I couldn’t figure out where I was in the first place in their system. . . .

    So as good as I am at making a short story long. . . we’ll be moving this blog to:   as of today.  Please follow me as we do some gardening, raising Irish Dexter and Australian Lowline cattle and rescuing English Springer Spaniels!   We may also have a few adventures in mouse “hunting” and renovation of a double wide trailer.   

 UPDATE:   13 MArch 2011    just ignore this post. . . . we returned to this page becasue I could not post pictures to the other one. . . . Only WordPress knows why. . . .   I’ll be back here in a flash!