Can you believe it? We took 6 days away from here to relax and actually do something besides garden, tend cattle and brush hay off our clothes.  It had been so long since we have used vacation time for just that purpose!  I almost didnt’ know what to do with myself (almost!)

We went to Florida to visit with Troy’s family and enjoy a bit of sun. His nephew took us fishing out on the Homosassa River twice while we were there. We caught several Sea Trout which are very pretty fish. Most were thrown back, but we did get to keep four of them. Chris took them home for frying later int he week. If you are on Facebook I posted a picture of myself with the one I caught!   If I can figure out how to get it from my phone to this blog I’ll share it with you too! 

It was great to get away for a while and change our point of view. But it is always great to be back home.   Yesterday I tilled to veggie garden and started seed for some flowers and lettuce.   Today I think I’ll plant some carrots and radishes directly in the garden.  But I best get out there before the rest of the day wastes away! 

Hey did you change your clocks?  I hope so. . . don’t get to work late tomorrow because of that now. . . I reminded you!  no excuses…..