During the early part of this year we made some real strides in improving our home. I can’t be any happier with the results.

Here are some of the before pictures:

It was a semi-functional kitchen with broken laminate counter tops and several difficult to use storage To get to some things, I had to almost crawl into the cabinet beyond my shoulders. And don’t ask me about the mice!

Okay since I brought it up. . . . it was a constant struggle to keep them out of the kitchen. . . . I wanted to move!   Since it is not the first house I lived in that I shared with mice it wasn’t unbearable. But it was difficult to keep clean! Just the idea that they would crawl over my silverware and chew on things which I didnt’ want to share with them. . . . not to mention cleaning up what the left! Just gives me chills remembering it.  As the workers removed the older cabinets, we discovered a nest they had made between the floor and the cabinet.    There are those chills again!  

Anyway, before we put the new cabinets in, the plumber sprayed some foam insulation where the pipes some through the floor.  The foam expanded some that the space was all filled.  I also understand that mice don’t like the smell of it either.  So all the more to keep them away. 

I couldn’t wait until the new cabinets were installed.

It was difficult for several weeks to work around not counter tops but the hardest was not having water in the kitchen at all.   Everything also looked better once the counter tops were installed.

Does it even look like the same place. . . .  My favorite is the new pantry cabinet!  I just love being able to slide a drawer out and select things without moving stuff around!    I am so glad I could share this with you all. . . If you stop by our little farm,  it’s probably the first thing in the house we’ll show you!