As my previous post detailed we had many months of mice. . .. .sharing the house with us.    Have you ever done that?   It gave me the creeps.

      We tried sticky pads to catch them.   We caught about 12. . . . but there were more!  I cleaned out areas and put food into plastic impenetrable containers.  They kept coming in.    Once I saw one run from the kitchen into family room behind the television cabinet.  And how did the dogs respond?. . . Mouse, huh?  Mom, you woke me up to tell me there is a mouse?  What mouse?   
    The struggle continued. . . . .  I cleaned out drawers, used pine cleaner and tried strong scented deterrents as well as borax!  I was desperate. . . I didn’t really want a cat. . . . but what to do?                                                                                                                                                       I waited for the cabinets to be replaced.  And was hopeful that the foam would do the trick.   I waited and listened.  There was scratching in the walls. . . . I heard something in the bathroom one night.  It appeared that the hungry mouse was tearing the wrappers off cough drops and trying to eat them.  it was a mess the next day! 

    But it appears that once you take away the source of food from mice. . . they either die of find another place to live!    There has not been any new evidence of mice since. . . And that includes while we were gone on vacation!